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Education background

Education background

Primary School:

After kindergarten, I went to St.Anthony's Primary school to study joined my school's badminton CCA. In general, when studying for PSLE, I had problems coping with Chinese, but thanks to a tutor I had, I did alright for Chinese.


Secondary School:

For Secondary School, I went to Bukit Batok Secondary and studied there.I also joined the school's Media Club for 2 years. When Secondary 3 started, it felt a lot more difficult to understand lessons. To make matters worse, I was always spending my time playing video games after school once my homework was completed, and did not spend any time studying. Therefore, I especially suffered with my Additional Mathematics and Combined Sciences. But, thanks to a Mathematics Tuition I went for and my sister always willing to teach me, I felt more comfortable with those subjects towards the important exams.



Now, I am currently studying in Singapore Polytechnic in DIT (Diploma in Information Technology).